Planning Your Child’s First Birthday Bash

Planning Your Child’s First Birthday Bash

When you are blessed with a sweet child of your own, it will be one of the most important things to organize his or her first birthday. Some parents decide to do charity etc. when it comes to their baby’s birthdays; however, even a family like that would not ignore the opportunity they have to celebrate the very first birthday of their kid. Even though the baby wouldn’t remember anything -being only one year old- thanks to modern video equipment and computer technology it is easy to record everything and keep as a memento.

Pick A Theme

Most one-year birthday celebrations come with a themed cake. Employing a theme is a good idea, in addition, it can be extended to decorations, invitations and birthday boy or girl’s costume as well. As you can easily find cute baby animal costumes in any store online, you would probably be better off picking an animal as the theme.

The baby might be having a favourite soft toy which looks like a dolphin or a bunny. Therefore, you can use the same for the cake and whatever the decorations as well as to wrap the gifts that you are planning to give to the guest kids. Things like party hats can also come in the same theme.

Add an Entertainment Item

Grown-up parties are made interesting by music and dancing. It is just a matter of bringing in a DJ and throwing some lights here and there with good music. Even though some kids like music, far be it for them to understand and dance to have some fun! Therefore, it’ll be interesting for them if you add an entertainment item to the party.

It can be a magician, a cartoon character who can play with them, or even a pet who of course is safe to have. As the kids participating will be of the same age group, the parents will also be present so don’t forget to have some entertainment for them as well.

Take Care of The Food Items

Food, when it comes to a 1-year-old’s party can be an opportunity to show off your culinary expertise; it can also be an Achilles heel. Because there could be some kids who are allergic to some food items, some may look really beautiful so that the kids tend to swallow them without chewing which can be dangerous, some which are colourful can be coloured with unhealthy chemicals and so on.

Therefore, be very careful when you pick food from the shops, especially sweets. It is best if you can source everything from reputable stores and cook whatever you can in your own kitchen. Even if you have a cake bashing item for your baby, make sure you do not let him gulp down large pieces of cake without your supervision.

A party is an ideal opportunity to have people together, and a first birthday party is nothing different when it comes to that. It may be the first public event your baby faces at his or her own house and even if they don’t remember it, you will definitely have fond memories of it.

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