How Much Are You Willing to Spend on A Kid’s Birthday Gift?

How Much Are You Willing to Spend on A Kid’s Birthday Gift?

Apart from the wedding and the bridal showers, now you have come to the stage where you have to go out and buy birthday gifts for your friends’ kids. It is the evolution of life and it’ll be in no time that you have to buy your own kid a birthday gift! It won’t be cheap such as you are allowed to buy for another’s kid. You will have to bear the cost of the party as well. So be happy with you only having to decide how much you are willing to spend on your friends or your cousin’s kid’s birthday gift for now.

Tips to Remember When It Is Your Own Kid

Before having your own, you will assume that kids’ stuffs are quite inexpensive because, well they are small, right? However, if you walk into a store and are trying to buy a beautiful skirt or pyjamas, you will see that they are actually even more expensive than your own clothes! But kids deserve the best.

So, if ever you are planning your own kids’ birthday party and are worried about what to buy for them, make sure that your budgeting involves the party costs as well. If you have it at your own house, the costs will be for food, decorations and little gifts that you give to the guest kids. Bulk would go to your own kid’s gift. Don’t spoil them and make sure you get something valuable but worthy for that amount and probably something that will help with the kids’ creativity and brain development.

If You Are Buying for Another…

When you are buying gifts for another kid’s birthday it’ll differ according to your relationship with them. If it is a little cousin of yours or your nephew or niece, you tend to spend a little bit more than and office colleagues or a friend’s kids birthday gift. However, if it is one of your best friends, and you are probably the godfather of the baby, then you have the responsibility to buy something substantial.

Whatever it is, you should opt for a gift that will be valued by the baby as well as actively used, such as a board game, play doh tool set or a craft kit. Some kids love miniature sets of stuff, such as kitchen sets or a doctor’s bag. If you know very well, he or she likes it then of course you can go for an option as such.

Is It Okay to Give Money?

Some parents feel that the guests are hard pressed to find a good gift for their baby, therefore they allow you to give a gift card. In some countries this is known as a fiver party meaning the guests can bring a gift certificate worth $5. Then the parents can put all together and buy something they think is best for the baby or if the birthday boy or girl is at an age where they can decide, they can go for whatever they want.

If you really don’t know or don’t have time to choose a good gift for a birthday boy or a girl, and you do not want to give money as it is not encouraged in perhaps your family circle or something, you can go for a deposit in the bank account or starting a bank account if it is a new baby. You should also remember that in some cultures giving money as a gift is looked down upon.

It may sound absurd but sparing some money every month for external expenses like this would be a good idea. Then you won’t have to worry about managing day-to-day expenses when you are invited to an event like this.

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