Most Helpful Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Most Helpful Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

A baby has very sensitive skin and to take good care of it, extreme care must be taken. It is vital to prevent rashes, irritations and infections so that your baby will have delicate skin throughout. So here are some tips to be followed about washing him, his clothes, food etc. that will be simple precautions to keep your baby safe.


The temperature of the water is the first thing that you must take care of, neither cold nor hot, but at the temperature of your body. It is common to touch the water with the elbow or the inside of the wrist, which are especially sensitive to temperature, but it is better to use a bath thermometer to avoid mistakes. And always confirm that the water is at the right temperature before immersing the little one. For the newborn, a bath of five minutes, even less, is enough to prevent the skin from drying out or getting cold while bathing it. 

We can simply use water or add a little special hypoallergenic soap for babies, cleaning with special care the folds of the skin on the legs, the area that is exposed to faeces and urine, and also the area between the fingers and toes. We can use a baby sponge, a very soft cotton cloth or simply the hand. At the time of drying, it is best to take the little one wrapped in a cotton towel, clean, soft, new and washed without abrasive detergents or softener.

The clothes

It will make life much if you have a lot of interchangeable clothes, made of organic cotton, in light colours and that can be put on and taken off without any problems. A good habit is to look closely at the labels. Choose natural cotton clothes or an animals milestone muslin blanket, which is breathable and does not have synthetic fibre inserts. 

You have to cut the labels well before putting the clothes on the child because their touch can irritate their skin and even make them scrape. It is important to wash clothes before putting them on for the first time and always do it with natural soaps, designed for baby skin and do not use softeners. 


If we decide to use diapers you must pay close attention to their use and choice. Some children tolerate the usual diapers but others suffer allergies and irritations simply by contact with the chemicals they contain. In these cases, it is advisable to opt for disposable diapers made of organic fibres or washable cloth. To avoid irritating your skin, it is advisable to use diapers of the correct size and not put them too tight. 

The way to confirm this is to see if they leave marks on the skin of the thighs. In addition, we do not have to put too rough clothes in that area so that it does not compress the diaper against the skin. You have to change them as soon as you realize that your baby had passed urine or stool, without letting these elements, even if it is a very absorbent diaper, remain in contact with his skin.


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