Should You Let Your Kids Choose Their Outfits?

Should You Let Your Kids Choose Their Outfits?

If your kid has become very adamant about her wardrobe unexpectedly, congratulations! it’s a sign she’s growing up. “Pre-schoolers are also at a stage of trying to establish their independence and test limits,”

Providing Kids with Choices

Kids who are 3 to 4 years old look for influence wherever they can. So, let them have it, if possible. “Give your child plenty of little choices on stuff you don’t know about,”

Allow Their Taste

Hate the wool? Can’t stand the tank tops too tight? The kid will probably have her own likes and dislikes too. Try to be flexible about her preferences within reason. “It’s all right to avoid things that would bug your child, “Some of her pet irritations can find an easy fix: You can try socks inside out with distracting seams and cut off bothersome shirt labels. So, if every day she decides to wear dresses-well, why not? You can always layer with warm leggings or a T-shirt underneath if you are concerned about her being cold. The best example is kids clothes Australia.

Take Time to Practice

At age 3, most kids can manage the essentials of getting dressed, such as underwear pulling, elastic-waist pants and a sweatshirt. Most kids actually like to do those things. “It makes them feel relaxed and professional,” Dr Levine says. So even if it’s slow going, let your child dress her up as frequently as you can, particularly when there’s no need to hurry on those weekend mornings. “The more strength you can offer her to clothe herself, the less difficulty she will have,”.

Make It an Interesting Race

Apparently, pre-schoolers don’t feel the same pressure to get out in the morning as you do. We would prefer to watch Go, Diego, Go or play with Legos. Then get yourself ready. Change dressing into a play, with that in mind. Say, “I’m going to close my eyes and see how long it takes you to put on your shirt and pants.” Or set a 10-minute timer and reward your child with a sticker in the event that he gets down the stairs before the bell goes off. For every good performance, you can also give him a poker chip, and encourage him to trade them in for a treat when he has five chips.

Plan Ahead Always

Kids this age love to see pictures of themselves. Use this to your benefit by doing a step-by-step photo guide of the morning activities of your boy. It could teach her to wake up, get ready, brush her teeth and have breakfast. Hang this up in her room, where she can watch it every day. So, instead of you, the routine chart becomes the boss!

You can always prevent morning meltdowns by picking the outfit during the night before. You can make it even more fun by making it a quest.

What about fighting on a winter coat?  Your child is not cold inside, so why would you want to put a voluminous, sweat-soaked coat and spread his superbly warm enough outfit? But when he gets outdoor, he should feel different.

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