What to Consider When Choosing A Day care Centre

What to Consider When Choosing A Day care Centre

Going back to work or your regular routine after giving birth is a challenging task. Aside from figuring out and getting used to your new schedule, there are still lots of factors that affect it such as coordinating work and childcare. During this moment, you definitely need an extra helping hand.

This is when day care centres get into the picture. They are the ones who will look after and care for your baby while you go out for work, making things lighter and more convenient for you. To help you out, here are some tips on how to choose a good day care centre for your precious little one.

Safety First

One of the basic factors to look into day care centres is the safety of the children. If your baby is still a few months old, they will usually spend lots of time napping. Check if the centre has safe facilities for sleep such as see through cribs, firm mattresses, safe sleep practices and a lot more.

For toddlers and younger children, they’ll be spending plenty of time playing and exploring around. Check if the area is safe to explore and if the toys are age appropriate to be sure that there is less risk for accidents to happen. Entrust your little one in the hands of the experts at one of the best day care centres in Geelong.

Follows Baby’s Needs

Although day care centres have set schedules for sleep, play, meals and other activities, a good day care centre should be able to provide what the baby needs at the moment. Because babies can’t talk and express what they want yet, they should have childcare workers that are sensitive to non-verbal cues to know what a child wants. For instance, seeing a baby head nodding, thumb-sucking or being grumpy could be a sign that the baby needs some rest. They should be able to provide that need in the most efficient way possible.


Having a little clutter around is normal especially when there are kids. However, be sure that the day care facility maintains the cleanliness and tidiness of the place by regular cleaning practices. See that everything is arranged and organized after each activity. Giving babies the freedom to explore the world is the best way for them to learn new things. Having a clean and tidy space for them gives you the assurance that the germs are kept away as much as possible.

Communicate with the Teachers

Whether you just enrolled your child in or already staying for a long time, it is important to talk with the teachers especially those who are taking care of your baby. Feel free to ask anything you want to clarify. They should also keep you updated about your baby’s improvement and development.

Before settling in with a day care centre, be sure to check these factors first. Wherever you choose to enrol your little is fine as long as it’s safe and your baby is happy too.

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