Teaching our kids to be eco-responsible

Contributing to keeping our planet green is becoming increasingly important, and teaching out kids to do their part right from the early ages is even more important. We need to teach our kids to do the right thing by first starting to practice it ourselves. We need to expose them as little as possible to using throw away plastic. As hard as this might seem we should start by taking small steps.

For a first step, try using reusable or bio-degradable materials when packing snacks for the kids. Instead of throw away plastic switch to stainless steel boxes. You can’t be certain that the plastic is free from toxic chemicals, but you can be certain that stainless steel does not not leach any chemicals. Then initial outlay might be a bit more than the plastic boxes, but stainless steel is designed to last a lifetime and you can sure your kids are safe.

Next, the step more for the environment. While having picnics and parties, try to use bio degradable plates and cups. A brand new range of eco friendly use and throw plates, cutlery and cups are now available – they are made from palm tree leaves. They look great, feel great and look after the planet.

Also look into the range of wooden cubby houses, they are great, safe and protect the environment and the kids absolutely love playing in and on them.