How To Choose A Gift For A Baby Shower

How To Choose A Gift For A Baby Shower

Attending a baby shower can be a fun an exciting process. However, purchasing a gift might be a difficult task as you may not know what to get.

Get Something Useful

If you want to get something useful for the soon to be parents then you can opt to ask them what they want. Most people will tell you they do not want any gifts. However, if you are close to the soon to be mother then you can consider asking her what she wants as then you can make sure to get her something that she needs. This will not only save you a lot of time as you then will not have to go looking around for a gift but you can also be assured that your gift will be something that is made use of.


Purchasing toys for a newborn baby can be both dangerous and a waste. Newborn babies will not be able to understand the concept of a toy as they are too young. Toys are also dangerous in case the baby accidentally hurts themselves while playing. Therefore instead of purchasing toys buying gifts such as a diaper bag or a pram will be much more beneficial. You should keep in mind that you are shopping more for the parents than the baby. You can also make the process easier for them by asking yourself “what will parents of a newborn need?”

Where To Go?

If you know what you want to purchase a blanket for a baby then finding a place to shop at will be easier. For example, if you want to purchase a baby blanket then you can opt to go to a baby blanket shop. When shopping for a baby it is important to keep in mind that a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Therefore you need to make sure that the material of the baby blanket is both comfortable and of good quality. It is important that the material is of good quality because if not it could irritate the baby’s skin and even cause a rash.

Different Designs

If you want to make the blanket special and out of the ordinary you can opt to have a blanket custom made. Having a custom made blanket means that you do not have to settle for what is available at the store as you will be able to select the design and colours you want for the blanket. Having a blanket custom made also means you can have the baby’s name or initials printed on the blanket.


You do not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing extravagant wrapping paper in order to make the wrapping presentable. The way you wrap a gift can add to making the gift appear appealing. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to get this done. For example, instead of purchasing fancy wrapping paper you can instead wrap the gift in a simple white tissue paper and tie a bow around the gift using colourful ribbons.

Teething Tips for Babies and Their Sore Gums

Teething Tips for Babies and Their Sore Gums

If your teething baby is keeping you up all night, you may be worried and also frustrated as to what you can do to help them. A baby’s gums are very sensitive and sore during teething and that can all lead to side effects like drooling, tears and crankiness. Therefore it is important to know what you can do to help ease the pain. Babies will usually begin teething around 06 months of age and they will start chewing on objects, drooling, show irritability and crankiness, and have sore and tender gums as well as low grade fever that can be gauged with a rectal thermometer. So here are some tips on how you can help them.

Rub Your Baby’s Gums Softly

First clean your hand thoroughly so that no bacteria can enter the baby’s mouth. Then get a clean piece of gauze and gently start rubbing the baby’s gums. This will ease the pain and the tenderness and will help your baby to calm down a bit.

Give Them Something Safe to Bite On

Babies will reach for anything and everything that they can chew on while they are teething. Biting on to things will help them naturally ease the pain and the discomfort and it is a natural reflex that is inbuilt into the system of a baby, so there is nothing you can do to completely stop them from putting objects in their mouth. What you can do though, is to make sure that the objects going into their mouths are clean and safe and will not cause any kind of illness or choking hazard. Try reputed products such as Bubba Chew necklaces and rings that the baby can chew on during teething. As much as possible make sure that objects within baby’s reach are clean and sterilized and also do not leave anything that could be dangerous lying around.

Always Keep the Gums Cool

Using cold items like a cool washcloth or a spoon can be soothing for the baby. You can even leave the teething ring to cool and then give it to the baby, but do not give them anything that is frozen. Do not freeze the teething ring either.

Give Them Hard and Cold Foods

If the baby has already been taking in solid food, give them something hard and cooled like a peeled and cooled cucumber or carrot to chew on. But if you do choose to do this, you will have to keep an eye out for the baby because any pieces that they may break off inside the mouth could become a choking hazard.


Some babies may be exceptionally cranky and in a lot of pain as compared to others. They may just cry for hours on end helplessly and you may want something to relieve them of their pain fast. In such cases get the expert advice of a doctor and avoid using anything over the counter. Do not give them anything that is homeopathic because such tablets may contain benzocaine or lidocaine that can be fatally dangerous to the baby.

Definitely A No-No: Toxic Jewellery for Kids

Definitely A No-No: Toxic Jewellery for Kids

Girls are tremendously fond of dressing up. They tend to imitate their moms or famous celebrities of their liking. Parents, on the other hand, support their kids’ desires by providing everything that they may need to become a replica of their much-loved person. Recreating the hairstyle may involve purchasing a wig for ease of dressing up. However, if it’s easy to imitate, a mousse and a clip might do the trick. Although you might also have a hard time mimicking the attire, there are some stores that sell ready-made attire replicas of famous celebrities. Audrey Hepburn, for example, requires a little black dress, a pair of black evening gloves, and a pair of black heeled shoes. The jewellery, in this case, will require a layered pearl necklace. This aspect, however, is where fears commonly arise. Recent news has surfaced on toxic jewellery for kids; hence, parents like you should be extra cautious in selecting toy jewellery for your little ones. Read on to know more about it.

Read The Label

Bear in mind that you should be conscious of everything that you are purchasing. It may be a take-home food, a cuddly pillow, a stainless knife, or even a toy – these items can expose you and your kids to potential harm so it’s best to read on the label to know what it exactly contains. Although this might be a difficult thing to do as it involves scanning and understanding everything, reading and knowing it can go a long way for your family’s safety. If the label says, “not safe for children under 3 years of age”, then so be it. Obey the warnings for your child’s protection. Bear with the inconvenience so you and your toddler can enjoy the purchased toy product without any uneasiness.

Engage In Arts And Crafts

Jewellery does not have to be dangerous if parents choose wisely. In fact, kids can make their own. Play along with your kids by purchasing DIY jewellery sets that will require kids to create their own jewellery from different sets of beads. Then again, if this still worries you, there are certain stores like that sell non-toxic, washable, and ready-made jewellery that you can choose from. Their wide selection allows your kid to freely choose whatever design suits their liking. Your kids can also use the purchased jewellery product in recreating their much-loved person or in simply accessorizing for themselves. True fun starts when you are not freaking out from the materials used in the toy jewellery.

Be Updated

As a parent, you should educate yourself on the potential harm that the toy jewellery can bring on your child. Always read the news so you’ll be updated of the current events in your surroundings. In fact, it was discovered that jewellery toy products of the brands Ardene and Aldo carry a toxic chemical element identified as cadmium, which can cause death. Hence, listen to the news and always be updated.

Be meticulous in purchasing goods for you and your child’s consumption. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you need to. Remember, your family’s safety is at stake.

Important Things Every Mother Should Know About Their Baby

Important Things Every Mother Should Know About Their Baby

Motherhood has always been the shining beacon of life. It is held up high on a pedestal and is revered by many across cultures from around the world. Religions state that mothers are the most important human figures in a person’s life. Media portrays it the same way with an emphasis on the beautiful relationship between mother and child. However is everything as lovely as it seems?

Motherhood is quite possibly the most difficult experience in a person’s life. It is tough and will never end. From the day you hold your baby to the day you kiss the world goodbye; you are a mother. And while there are some beautiful moments, not everything is as rosy as it seems on the movies, especially if you are taking care of a baby. So here are some important things you should know.

No Two Babies Are the Same

This is possibly the most obvious thing there is but unfortunately, not many people actually seem to pay attention to this. Like adults, babies can be very different. They have their own distinct personalities and interests. Furthermore the way they develop their skills and abilities will also be unique. So, expecting your baby to have the same development path as another is silly, to say the least. There is an expected time frame where certain skills will develop but this only acts as a guidance. This is not set in stone in any way. Therefore, do not compare babies. This will just end up making you feel sad and disappointed. Even worse you may feel anxious and nerve wrecked even when there is actually no cause for concern.

Choose Clothes Carefully

Your baby’s comfort and safety should be your priority when it comes to choosing clothes. Babies have very delicate and sensitive skin so clothes that are harsh on your baby’s skin will not only cause them pain but will also make them feel very irritated. Therefore, choose gentle fabric for your baby and avoid any rough zips or lining. Also, regardless of whether you shop at a thrift store or a baby shop in sunshine coast, make sure that the clothes you buy are easy to wash and keep clean. Given that there is so much you need to do for your child, hand washing their clothes will end up ranking very low on your priority list. So, unless you fancy giving your little one dirty or stained clothes, try to ensure that the clothes you purchase are chosen with care.

There Is Nothing Wrong with Training Your Little One to Sleep Alone

Sleep is going to be the first thing you sacrifice for your little one. However, while some may say it is just part of the parenting package, if you feel your baby is old enough and both you and your little one is sleep deprived, you really should consider letting your little one fall asleep on her own.

Yes, her tears will sting your soul and it may not work for everyone but it is still something worth trying out. As your baby will learn to fall asleep when she wants to sleep thus, she will never be overtired again and you will able to actually rest and focus on your day better.