Top 5 Items New Parents Need in Their House

Top 5 Items New Parents Need in Their House

Becoming a parent often means you have to learn a lot through trial and error. You’ll have to learn what parenting methods work best for your kid, how to manage a baby plus working commitments, how to keep the house clean with rampant children running around etc. Needless to say, it’s quite a lot of work. Which is why we’ve compiled this list of items new parents will want to make sure is stocked in the house before they bring their baby home in the hospital so that they make it through the first few months without too much hassle.

A Baby Carrier

A baby carrier helps with swaddling, with comforting an irritated baby as well as helping you go about your usual errands. You can get a soft-structured carrier, which will have additional support such as straps and waistbands and these are usually used with older babies. It’s best to have one stored away, however. An easier alternative for newborns are the snug wraps and slings for those who can’t manage to keep their heads up on their own. You can get all these and more at

Soft Toys

Particularly toys that make different musical noises will come in handy here. Parents will soon learn the struggles of settling a baby before bedtime and chances are, even if you do settle your baby, he’ll wake up crying during the night. The broken nights rest to follow chalks up to some of a parents’ worst living nightmares. A soft toy that also makes gentle noises acts as a great sleeping aid and also helps babies sleep for longer. If your baby wakes up during the night, you can make sure he’s snuggling up to the toy as you talk to him. This will allow him to feel more secure around it. Make sure your toy doesn’t have fur or fluff on it so that it isn’t a choking hazard.


A teether stimulates a baby sense of taste and touch. It’s a must-have when an older baby is suffering from teething pains that need to be relieved but it also acts as the perfect dummy for when your child seems to be hungry but has already eaten recently (don’t overfeed, it’s better to use the teether instead to pacify him until meal time comes along).

Breast Pump

For those more inclined to breastfeed, get your hands on a breast pump. This helps you regulate your milk production and save up more milk. When you’re not around, your nanny or family members can use this milk or you can even use it if you’re not comfortable with breastfeeding in public places. Ultimately, the choice is yours but this appliance comes in handy either way.


When you’re looking at play mats, look at something that will keep your baby engaged. Ideally, these will have little whistles and bells, small buttons and arches that your baby can use to learn how to grip. It will stimulate your baby’s senses- all of them!

And there you have it, these are the top 5 items any new parent should have in their house!

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