How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

When you have a baby, one of the first things new parents realize is how difficult it is for their child to settle down and sleep at night. As your baby wakes up for the umpteenth time shrieking, you might think enough is enough- you absolutely cannot take another day of these sleepless nights and bone tired mornings. And what of the times when you take your baby out in public but he ends up crying inconsolably? Your best bet would be to soothe him to sleep. In any case, there are a few methods you can have up your sleep to try on your little one to get them to fall asleep in tricky situations.


All your electronic devices from your TV to your mobile phone, emit a blue light that seems very much like daylight. So when your little one basks in this light, his body begins to respond as if its day time and won’t begin the processes and secrete the hormones that will get him sleepy. You can install an app on your phone that filters out blue light or to that similar effect have your computer fitted with a screen- or you could simply ban electronics for an hour before bedtime.


As mentioned above, your baby’s body will secrete those sleepy hormones only in certain conditions. If your child is going to sleep before nighttime sets in when you take him to his room make sure the lights are dimmed. Also, make sure to install some heavy blackout curtains so that no daylight is filtered through. You could even try putting some sunglasses on your child too to trick his brain as bedtime nears, especially if you know your child is a difficult case.

Early Riser

You might like to spend your mornings sleeping in and detest rising early. But for the sake of this baby, you’ll have to make it a part of your routine to become an early riser. Your biological clock (also known as circadian rhythms) tells you when it’s time to wake and sleep. If your child’s inner clock isn’t working as it should, the best way to reset it is to get them to wake up early morning each day, rather than sleep in.

Body Contact

Sometimes your baby is just feeling overwhelmed and the best way to cure this is to provide some reassuring body contact. Have your baby nestled close to your chest so he can hear the soothing sound of your heartbeat that he spent nine months listening to. When you have to go about doing your errands or have to go grocery shopping (anything that needs baby-free hands essentially) you can just purchase a tula baby carrier Australia. This way your baby will be as close to your body as possible and you’ll be free to actually carry out your tasks.


You might think that plying your child with an extremely filling meal right before bedtime as the perfect way to knock them out. But experts actually caution against overfeeding.

This is an unhealthy habit that you can replace with feeding at regular hours- which means that your child’s dinner will be a couple of hours before his bedtime and you can give him a light snack right before story time!

These are the most effective methods you can use to get to get your baby to fall asleep!

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