What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag When You Are Expecting a Baby

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag When You Are Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting phase in one’s life for sure. Months of planning and preparation lead up to the birth of your precious little one and you will surely be tremendously excited about the idea for sure. Packing your hospital bag is one of the most important things that you will have to do during this phase. The information that is given in the article below will help you as you pack your bag for hospital stay.

For The Baby

Of course you will have to pack a lot of clothes and other items that your little one will need. Be sure to wash all the items and iron them all before you pack. You need to pack some clothes, diapers, nappies, washcloths, towels, blankets, custom baby beanies, mittens as well as socks for the little one. You can also pack a sweet little outfit to bring your little one home in. If you have other children, you can even consider packing little gifts from them for the baby.

For You

You will need plenty of clothes and other accessories to get through the day for sure! Try to pack a lot of front open tops if you are planning on breastfeeding the little one. You will need to carry lots of nursing bras as well. You can always get in touch with the hospital and ask what will be provided to you during your stay. Don’t carry items that the hospital itself will provide. You can also consider taking some socks with you as the hospitals can get very cold. If you want to take your own pillow with you, you may do so too. It will make it easier for you catch a few winks when you are comfortable after all. Try to take clothes that are comfortable so that you will be able to relieve the stress of those first couple of days. Take your face wash, toothpaste, perfume as well as makeup. You will be in quite a lot of photos in the first few days and you will also have many visitors. So you should try to look great too!

For Your Spouse

Your spouse will also need to carry a number of items to be comfortable during the stay at the hospital. Clothes, towels, shoes as well as blankets will have to be packed by him. In order to pass the time, he will also need other items like books or even an iPad!

Other Essentials

Don’t forget to take your camera with extra batteries or the charger! You have to also ensure that all the relevant documents are packed in advance. Your phone has to be packed along with your charger. A phonebook with the names of the people that you need to call when the little one arrives can also be packed so you will not miss anyone! You can consider making a list of people to call in your phone as well if you like.

Hope the information in the article below will help you as you prepare to welcome your precious little one to the world!

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