Teething Tips for Babies and Their Sore Gums

Teething Tips for Babies and Their Sore Gums

If your teething baby is keeping you up all night, you may be worried and also frustrated as to what you can do to help them. A baby’s gums are very sensitive and sore during teething and that can all lead to side effects like drooling, tears and crankiness. Therefore it is important to know what you can do to help ease the pain. Babies will usually begin teething around 06 months of age and they will start chewing on objects, drooling, show irritability and crankiness, and have sore and tender gums as well as low grade fever that can be gauged with a rectal thermometer. So here are some tips on how you can help them.

Rub Your Baby’s Gums Softly

First clean your hand thoroughly so that no bacteria can enter the baby’s mouth. Then get a clean piece of gauze and gently start rubbing the baby’s gums. This will ease the pain and the tenderness and will help your baby to calm down a bit.

Give Them Something Safe to Bite On

Babies will reach for anything and everything that they can chew on while they are teething. Biting on to things will help them naturally ease the pain and the discomfort and it is a natural reflex that is inbuilt into the system of a baby, so there is nothing you can do to completely stop them from putting objects in their mouth. What you can do though, is to make sure that the objects going into their mouths are clean and safe and will not cause any kind of illness or choking hazard. Try reputed products such as Bubba Chew necklaces and rings that the baby can chew on during teething. As much as possible make sure that objects within baby’s reach are clean and sterilized and also do not leave anything that could be dangerous lying around.

Always Keep the Gums Cool

Using cold items like a cool washcloth or a spoon can be soothing for the baby. You can even leave the teething ring to cool and then give it to the baby, but do not give them anything that is frozen. Do not freeze the teething ring either.

Give Them Hard and Cold Foods

If the baby has already been taking in solid food, give them something hard and cooled like a peeled and cooled cucumber or carrot to chew on. But if you do choose to do this, you will have to keep an eye out for the baby because any pieces that they may break off inside the mouth could become a choking hazard.


Some babies may be exceptionally cranky and in a lot of pain as compared to others. They may just cry for hours on end helplessly and you may want something to relieve them of their pain fast. In such cases get the expert advice of a doctor and avoid using anything over the counter. Do not give them anything that is homeopathic because such tablets may contain benzocaine or lidocaine that can be fatally dangerous to the baby.

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